Week Commencing 18 March 2018

10.30 am Morning Worship
               with Junior Church
3.45 pm Service at The Willows
6.00 pm  Evening Service with communion
Preacher: Jeff Higgins
    Barry Shucksmith is at East Hull PC (am)

9.30 am Acorns Playgroup

10.30 am OUT and ABOUT Easter Special
7.45 pm Fellowship Group A
8.00 pm Fellowship Group B

Jeff at Goxhill Primary
6.00 pm Adventurers & Venture On Chocolatre Evening

9.30 am Acorns Playgroup
7.30 pm Fellowship Group D

7.00 am Prayer Breakfast at Goxhill

Cleaning Rota: Richard & Rachael

Week Commencing 25 March 2018

10.30 am Morning Worship with comunion
                   with Junior Church
Peacher: Dave Stevens
6.00 pm   Evening Service
Preacher: Michael Stanfield
    Jeff is at East Hull PC (am)

7.45 pm Easter Fellowship Evening at church

1.30 pm Jeff taking Easter Assembly at New Holland

7.00 pm Good Friday Joint Service (at BEC)
Preacher: Jeff Higgins

Prayer Breakfast at 26 Ramblers Lane

Cleaning Rota: Derek & Pam

Week Commencing 01 April 2018

10.30 am Morning Worship with communion
               with Junior Church

6.00 pm   Evening Service
Preacher: Jeff Higgins


10.00 am Ladies' Fellowship
7.00 pm Elders' Meeting

7.45 pm Church Prayer Meeting

10.30 am Dave Stevens at Pontefract Coffee Morning

7.00 am Prayer Breakfast at 70 Butts Road

Cleaning Rota: Jim & Liz

We Worship together on Sundays at 10:30am at Baysgarth School, Barrow Road & 6pm at Queen Inn Yard, off Market Place, Barton-Upon-Humber

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