Barton Evangelical Church

Recordings Library

SelectrefSpeakerSubject Number
60Jeff Higgins and TeamPhilippians?? talks
59Jeff HigginsLamentations5 talks
58Jeff Higgins and TeamJudges - Jepthhah & Samson9 talks
57Jeff Higgins and TeamTitus. Living as a Christian in a non-Christian Culture. 5 talks
55Jeff Higgins and TeamStudies in Luke's Gospel.
Encounters with Jesus and Lost & Found
13 talks
54Jeff Higgins and TeamJonah. The Compasionate God 6 talks
53Jeff HigginsLiving God's way in God's world. Proverbs 145 talks
52Jeff Higgins and TeamThe Letter of James. Living Faith in a Living God11 talks
51Jeff Higgins and TeamThe Life of Joseph14 talks
50Jeff Higgins and TeamActs - The Mission Continues...28 talks
49Jeff Higgins and TeamPsalms 9 - 179 talks
48Jeff Higgins and TeamFavourite Verses Explained7 talks
47Jeff Higgins and TeamThe Prophecy of Joel7 talks
46Jeff Higgins and TeamWhat We Believe9 talks
45Jeff Higgins and TeamPaul's Letters to the Thessalonians15 talks
44Jeff HigginsThe Reformation2 talks
43Jeff Higgins and TeamBig Questions4 talks
42Jeff Higgins and TeamThe Psalms of Jesus (Psalms 1 - 8)8 talks
41Jeff Higgins and TeamThe Big Picture. A tour of the Whole Bible.60 talks
38Mike Moore"Behold the Lamb"
40th Anniversary services
3 talks
35Various Studies in 1 John13 talks
34Barry Shucksmith The Life of Elisha3 talks
33Dave Stevens Isaiah 403 talks
32Derek CarrStudies in John's Gospel10 talks
31VariousStudies in Matthew's Gospel94 talks
29 Gareth James 1 John 2:28 - 3:10. 6 talks.
28 Gareth James The Letter to Philemon. 5 Talks.
27 Gareth JamesRevelation chapters 1 - 7. 24 talks.
25 Gareth James The Prophecy of Jonah. 19 Talks.
23 Gareth JamesThe Letter to the Philippians. 31 talks
22 Gareth James The Ten Commandments. 11 Talks.
21 Gareth JamesFirm Foundations. Great Bible Chapters. 61 talks
20 Gareth James The Life and Times of Moses. 79 talks
17 Gareth James The Trinity. following on from the "What is God Like" series.3 talks
16 Gareth James What is God Like? 7 talks.
02 Gareth James "Hell & Heaven" 21 talks.