Barton Evangelical Church


The Big Picture - An Overview of the Whole Bible

Ref. No.
01Jeff HigginsGenesis We are Dependent31 min
02Derek Carr Exodus Knowing God41 min
03Jeff Higgins Leviticus True Holiness34 min
04Jeff Higgins NumbersGrace v Grumbling38 min
05Jeff Higgins DeuteronomyLove God34 min
06Derek Carr JoshuaO Church Arise!37 min
07Jeff Higgins JudgesA Rescuer Required!32 min
08Michael Stanfield RuthA Rescuer Found!43 min
09Jeff Higgins 1 & 2 SamuelWhere is the King?28 min
10Jeff Higgins 1 & 2 KingsKIngs, Kings and more Kings!36 min
11Jeff Higgins 1 & 2 ChroniclesIs your glass half full?26 min
12Michael Stanfield EzraA Promised Return42 min
Ref. No.
13Jeff Higgins NehemiahA Building Project31 min
14Dave Stevens EstherFor Such a Time45 min
15Jeff Higgins JobWhy?!36 min
16Michael Stanfield PsalmsPsalm 14654 min
17Jeff Higgins Proverbs2 Kings 4:29 - 34.
How to live God's way in God's world.
34 min
18Derek Carr EcclesiastesEcclesiastes 3:1 - 15. Life Without God?.34 min
19Jeff Higgins Song of SolomonSong of Solomon 5:10 - 16. The best song31 min
20Jeff Higgins IsaiahIsaiah 52:13 - 53:12. A Mini Bible34 min
21Dave Stevens Jeremiah 54 min
22Jeff Higgins LamentationsRubble Everywhere33 min
23Jeff Higgins EzekielFrom Exile to Eden40 min
24Jeff Higgins DanielDare to be a Daniel?33 min
Ref. No.
25Jeff Higgins HoseaUndeserved?34 min
26Jeff Higgins JoelGreat Things!35 min
27Michael Stanfield AmosThe LORD is His Name44 min
28Jeff Higgins ObadiahThe Lord will triumph30 min
29Jeff Higgins JonahMad about Mercy30 min
30Derek Carr MicahWho is a Pardoning God like You?40 min
31Jeff Higgins NahumA Disastrous Sequel33 min
32Jeff Higgins HabakkukQ & A34 min
33Dave Stevens ZephaniahWhat a Difference a Day Makes!41min
34Jeff Higgins HaggaiI am with you33min
35Jeff Higgins ZechariahVisions & Victory30min
36Jeff Higgins MalachiAnticipation31min