Barton Evangelical Church


Psalms 9 - 17

Ref. No.
01Jeff HigginsPsalm 9The Fame of His Name34min
02Michael StanfieldPsalm 10Arise, O Lord; O God36min
03Dave StevensPsalm 11The Song of the Steadfast33min
04Jeff HigginsPsalm 12"Sticks & stones..."29min
05Jeff HigginsPsalm 13How Much Longer?27min
06Jeff HigginsPsalm 14The Reality of Depravity29min
07Jeff HigginsPsalm 15What are the entry requirements?29min
08Iain ClementsPsalm 16 30min
09Derek CarrPsalm 17In the shadow of your wings32min