Barton Evangelical Church


Acts. The Mission Continues...

Ref. No.
01Jeff HigginsActs 1Anticipation, Ascension, Appointment29min
02Jeff HigginsActs 2The Holy Spirit...32min
03Jeff HigginsActs 3First Things First30min
04Derek CarrActs 4Courage in the face of Hostile Oppostion32min
05Jeff HigginsActs 5 29min
06Jeff HigginsActs 6 28min
07Derek CarrActs 7 33min
08Jeff HigginsActs 8 33min
09Jeff HigginsActs 9 30min
10Jeff HigginsActs 10 29min
11Michael StanfieldActs 11Who are these Christians?38min
12Jeff HigginsActs 12Heaven v. Herod30min
13Jeff HigginsActs 13In Christ Alone27min
14Jeff HigginsActs 14 28min
15Jeff HigginsActs 15 28min
16Jeff HigginsActs 16 27min
17Jeff HigginsActs 17Four Responses to Christianity29min
18Derek CarrActs 18A Gospel Strategy to follow34min
19Jeff HigginsActs 19When we meet Jesus...32min
20Jeff HigginsActs 20Time to say Goodbye27min
21Dave StevensActs 21 38min
22Jeff HigginsActs 22Engaging with our culture30min
23Jeff HigginsActs 23Courage Needed!
First half missing due to technical problem
24Jeff HigginsActs 24Are my Assumptions Correct?25min
25Jeff HigginsActs 25verses 1 - 2225min
26Jeff HigginsActs 25:23 -26:32 29min
27Derek CarrActs 27Paul: The man with nothing who has everything. 33min
28Jeff HigginsActs 28"To be continued"27min